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UNICEF tote bag.png



It is an honour for Elehathi to have partnered up with TV Aksjonen Rogaland 2017 to raise funds for UNICEF. The funds that we raise will go to providing children with education, teaching facilities and safe areas to learn in areas of conflict. When you purchase a Tote-bag, 25 kr is donated to TV Aksjonen! 

The countries of the children that have been selected to receive this aid are among the most vulnerable people in the world, children in South-Sudan, Syria, Mali, Pakistan and Colombia. Below are symbols that have been incorporated in the design -

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1. Outline of the countries: South-Sudan, Syria, Mali, Pakistan and Colombia
2. Books under the elephants foot as a sign of stepping towards a brighter future. 
3. Globe
4. Lightbulb
5. Book
6. School Bus
7. Flower
8. Keyhole
9. Pencil
10. Brick walls
11. Date of significance 22. October
12. Water drop
13. Children with clothes that spell "Hope"